Mini PCI DVI to TTL Module



- DVI to TTL LCD Signal Conversion
- Resolution up to 1024 x 768
During the revolution in design for monitors and TV, the market dictated the evolution of LCD monitors and LCD TV gradually. LCD monitors and TV were created not only for the virtue of saving space, but also to follow the market trend for brightness, lower power and ease of use. Embedded product customers asked for the feature of supporting a DVI connector on boards since more LCD monitors and LCD TVs have DVI connectors. Furthermore, customers were concerned not only with the interfaces, but also needed support for two LCD panels. AAEON is aware of these demands for converting DVI to TTL and TTL to DVI signals. The PER-V01B and PER-V02B modules not only fulfill these requirements, but also are compatible with other AAEON products.

PER-V01B is a module for converting DVI to TTL signals. The form factor is Mini-PCI and this revision supports up to 1600x1200 pixel resolution. For the new generation of AAEON boards such as PCM-8150 and GENE-8310 which have dual view functions, the PER-V01B can solve the nightmare of trying to adapt another solution because it provides a prompt solution in terms of existing systems to support two LCD panels. In addition, PER-V01B can be bundled with the PCM-3538T to convert DVI to LVDS signals.

The PER-V01B and the PER-V02B provide flexible conversions for customers. Moreover, they are great for keeping existing systems the same while changing LCD signals due to changes in LCD panels. We at AAEON strongly suggest you to adopt these Mini-PCI modules if you have demands for converting DVI to TTL or TTL to DVI signals. These two products will be your cost-effective choices after all, that is what you should expect from AAEON, the price/performance leader!
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