Battery Charger



- Automatic battery switchover for UPS operation
- Universal battery charging (with PMC-104)
- Plugs into V104/HE104 power supply modules
- Occupies zero space (mounts inside V104/HE104 power supply)
- Extended temperature operation
- Short circuit protected
The BC-104 provides a compact and effective method for charging a battery and creating an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for PC/104 embedded applications.

It contains a constant-current charger (max 1.0A) capable of charging battery packs up to 20VDC. The constant current level is set with a 0-1V input signal, either from an external source or from the PMC-104 power management controller above. With the addition of the PMC-104, any desired charging algorithm can be implemented to charge any type of rechargeable battery. Charging voltage, charging current, and battery temperature can all be monitored for safe, optimal battery charging.

The BC-104 mounts onto the V104 or HE104 underneath the heatsink just next to the PC/104 bus connectors. In this location it occupies zero additional space and maintains PC/104 card height specifications. The battery to be charged connects to a screw-terminal block on the power supply. Automatic battery switchover occurs whenever the main power supply voltage falls below the battery voltage, thus protecting the operation of your mobile embedded system from sudden drops in system power
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