- 25 watts output power
- +5V, +12V outputs standard
- -5V, -12V outputs optional
- AC termination option
- Low cost
These power supplies accept a DC input voltage from a vehicle power system, battery, or other power source and provide clean output power for PC/104 systems. Input power is provided on a detachable screw terminal block. Output power is provided directly on the PC/104 bus connectors and/or on a separate screw terminal block. LEDs provide indications of output power status, and load dump protection prevents potential damage to the embedded system.

The HESC104 and HESC-SER models provide four output voltages: +/-5VDC and +/-12VDC. They include built-in power management and smart battery charging features. They can be programmed to turn on and off at user-defined intervals, for example to take measurements or report data. This feature dramatically lowers total power consumption because the system is onlhy powered on when needed. The battery chargers on these units can work with NiCd, NiMH, and sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries (see page 43). Software is provided to define battery charging curves as well as control shutdown timing. Configuration settings are stored in an on-board EEPROM.

The HE104-DX provides 60 watts of power on both the PC/104 bus and screw terminals. The HE104+DX provides 108W output power adding 3.3V output on the PC/104+ PCI connector for PC104-Plus and PCI-104 CPUs.

The HE104 offers +5V and +12V outputs, while the low-cost V104 provides single +5V or dual +5V/+12Voutput. These economically priced supplies are available with additional output voltages according to your application needs. See ordering guide below for model numbers.

The HE-HP provides 100 watts of output power for systems with heavy load requirements. Power input and output are accessed via screw terminals.
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