8-port Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch


Producent: Advantech


- Provides 5/8 Fast Ethernet ports with Auto MDI/MDI-X
- Supports 10/100Mbps Auto Negotiation
- Provides broadcast storm protection
- Supports 4,000 VDC Ethernet ESD protection
- Provides surge (EFT) protection 3,000 VDC for power line
- Provides Slim size, DIN Rail/Wall Mount with IP30 metal mechanism
- Supports Redundant 12 ~ 48 VDC power input and P-Fail Relay
- Supports wide Operating Temperature from -40 ~ 75° C

The EKI-2528 comes equipped with all the standard features of the EKI family. Furthermore, it offers a +12 ~48 VDC redundant power input design, and is secured with a double protection mechanism Power Polarity Reverse Protect and an Overload Current Reset-able Fuse. The former tolerates reverse power wiring (devices will not be damaged if the plus and minus power cables are mixed, even continuing to operate normally. The later secures the system from overload currents when the power supply turns normal, EKI-2528will automatically get back to work. Each port of EKI-2528 has 2 LED’s to show the link status transmission speed and collision status. It also provides a relay output for an event alarm. In the event of a power failure, the built-in LED will activate the alarm to notify administrators. Engineers can simply verify the hardware status by checking the LED, and have troubleshooting easy and quick. EKI-2528 comes with compact metal housing that rates IP30 to help against from dusty industrial environments.
Temperatura pracy
-40°C ~ 75°C
-10°C ~ 60°C
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