2-port RS-232/422/485 Universal Serial Device Server



- Supports 10/100Base-T
- Supports standard networking API: WinSock, Socket
- Provides multiple networking architectures: polling, event handling, peer-to peer
- Supports several AT-style commands to control
- Supports any operating system with TCP/IP protocol: Windows®, Linux® etc.
- Auto-searching Windows configuration utility
- Download and testing utility: Easy to download firmware and self-diagnostic
- Easy to locate specific EDG series
- Surge protection for RS-485 line and power supply
- Mounts on DIN rail, panel or piggyback easily
ADAM-4570 and ADAM-4570L are fast and cost effective data gateways between serial and Ethernet interfaces. They immediately upgrade your existing device(s) to the Ethernet world.Functionally transparent and efficient, ADAM-4570 and ADAM-4570L are specially designed for remote control and monitoring of devices via the Internet.Two serial ports can each be easily configured for your needs. There is also support for transmission speeds up to 230 kbps, which meets the demand for today’s high-speed dataexchanges. You can use a Windows utility to configure the units without need for further programming. ADAM-4570 and ADAM-4570L not only protect your current hardwareinvestment but also ensure future network expandability. Since the protocol conversion is transparent, all existing devices can be seamlessly integrated into the Ethernet network.Therefore, ADAM-4570 and ADAM-4570L can be used in security systems, factory automation, SCADA, transportation and more.
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