CompactPCI® Intelligent Chassis Management Module (PICMG® 2.9)



- Compatible with PICMG 2.1, 2.16, and 2.9-compliant components
- Monitors via the Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) protocol
- Provides isolated IPMI signals for each slot for maximum security and reliability
- Out-of band management interface
- Hot swap support for IPMI based field replaceable components
- Alarm cut off push button on the front panel
- Standalone system monitoring: no driver needed, independent OS

The MIC-3927 is a proprietary form factor Chassis Management Module (CMM) intended for use with PICMG* 2.1, 2.16, and 2.9-compliant systems (the CompactPCI* Hot Swap, Packet Switching Backplane, and System Management specifications respectively). The MIC-3927 plugs into a dedicated slot in compatible systems. It provides centralized management and alarm notification for system power supplies and fans as well as single board operation status. The CMM may be paired with a backup for high-availability applications.
The MIC-3927 is essentially a special purposed single board computer with a CPU, memory, PCI bus, operating system, and peripherals. The MIC-3927 monitors and configures IPMI-based components in the chassis. When the thresholds for temperature and voltage limitations are reached or when failure occurs, the CMM will capture store the events in an event log. At the same time, it sends SNMP traps, and drives the Telco alarm relays which triggers the onboard LEDs. The CMM can query FRU information (such as serial number, model number, manufacture date, etc.), detect presence of components (such as fan tray, CPU board, etc.), and perform operation status monitoring of each component.
The MIC-3927 also has a built-in web-based administration interface which allows users to monitor the system’s operation from any place with Internet connectivity. The MIC-3927 adds another dimension to the reliability of your most critical applications.
*IPMI function only supported for MIC-3390 and MIC-3392

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